We transfer 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm film to DVD, CD or VHS.  Our process provides best picture quality preservation during conversion.

Add your favourite background music or narrate your film for that special touch.

Impossible to find projectors...large bulky screens...boxes of unorganized and forgotten film reels.  Uncover and enjoy these hidden treasures!

Enjoy your old movies with all the perks of modern technology in the comfort of your family room.  Won't the younger generations get a kick out of seeing grandma and grandpa when they were young.
*Music must be provided by the customer
Combine your old films with old 35mm slides and photographs to create a DVD Slideshow & Video Montage.

You chose the order in which the video footage and photos appear, as well as a custom menu, chapter markers, background music* and titles.
Regular 8mm film or "R8" was used primarily from 1932 to mid-1960's

Super 8mm film or "S8" was used from 1965 to Present
Make your silent films more memorable and enjoyable by adding you favourite background music*

...Or make them even more special through narration.
For Christmas this year, you took our old 8mm reels of movies from the beginning of the 60's to the end of 70's and transferred them with modern day technology onto DVD's that were easily duplicated for several members of the family.

These films had been stored away for years and I am amazed at the quality with which they have been re-created. Also, the addition of background music makes for a very professional finished product.

Thanks so much for making this possible, and I highly recommend recapturing & restoring valuable memories with you and New Found Memories.
            - Beryl Allport
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