Create a professional customized feature film of your family videos, films, photos and slides.

The process is easy:
  1. Select your video and/or film footage, photos, slides and negatives
  2. Arrange your selections (by date, by occasion etc.)
  3. Select your favorite music*
  4. Leave the rest to us
Video footage (from VHS, Beta, camcorder tape, 8mm, Super8, or 16mm film) is combined with a DVD Slideshow and placed on DVD, CD or VHS. The video footage and scanned images** are arranged by you, set to music of your choosing.

Your full-length motion picture will also contain chapter markers, an interactive menu, custom background, image panning and a variety of transitions between images

Please call or email us for details and pricing.
*Music must be provided by the customer
**Scanning services are an additional cost, please refer to scanning price list
A DVD Slideshow & Video Montage is unique gift for a variety of occasions, including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, reunions, sporting events, work functions, or childhood memories.

Family Reunions...
       ...Collect you favorite family memorabilia and transform it into a digital Family Tree.

Reminisce about special events, relive precious moments, remember loved ones who have passed on. Include birth dates, biographies, special achievements of all family members.

Chapter markers and menu will be built like the structure of your family tree. Top the entire production off with your favorite music.

New Grads...
       ...Upgrade your Digital Yearbook with video footage. Photos, videos and biographies can be arranged by class or activity.

Capture these great moments now!
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