Videotape Transfer
We transfer VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, 8mm, Betamax, and other camcorder tapes to DVD or CD.  We also accept PAL tapes for conversion to NTSC.

Our process ensures best picture quality preservation during the analog to digital video conversion.  Each DVD will hold up to 2 hours of video footage.

Converting your tapes to DVD will preserve quality for a century or more, allow easy location of precious moments, while taking up minimal space in the family entertainment center.

Video transferred to CD will be viewable on your PC and some DVD players.  Simply insert your CD and let the show begin.

Video transferred to DVD can also be viewed on any DVD-capable PC, but can more preferably be enjoyed on your DVD player in the comfort of your own livingroom.
*Music must be provided by the customer
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DVD-R is compatible with about 96% of all DVD Players and most DVD-ROMs.

DVD+R is compatible with about 87% of all DVD Players and most DVD-ROMs.

Please check specifications on your DVD player for compatibility before ordering. http://www.dvdrhelp.com/dvdplayers.php is a helpful reference.
Data on VHS tapes is stored magnetically.  Humid conditions, electricity and magnetic fields can cause extensive, irreversible damage.

Conversely, DVD's store data optically, thus, it is not affected by environmental conditions or electricity.
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